Join the BAI Inspection Services LLC Team Today!

Join the BAI Inspection Services LLC Team Today!

Do you seek a profession as an environmental site assessment professional that will allow you to unleash your own potentials without restrictions or bounds... to control your own destiny? If that is your objective, few professions afford a vehicle as dynamic as professional real estate inspecting. BAI Inspection Services LLC. enjoys a time earned leadership position in that industry.

Becoming a member of the BAI Inspection Services System Team signifies more than entry into the real estate inspection business... it signifies entering the professional real estate inspection industry at the top. Tried and proven formulas, that virtually assures your success, will be passed on during the most intensive initial training program in the industry.

You and BAI Inspection Services LLC.
The building inspection industry affords the new business owner a level of security that would be hard to match with any other business. We do not have to go and convince people that they need our services -- the demand occurs automatically 7 days a week, 365 days a year, as long as real estate is bought, sold or leased.

As a member of the BAI Inspection Services LLC System, you will enjoy all the benefits and clout of being part of a big organization yet you will be running your own company. You will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. You'll be in the enviable position of being able to capture a major share of a virtually exploding business with a name and awareness level that would be almost impossible to achieve if you were operating as an independent, non affiliated company.

BAI Inspection Services LLC helps you succeed by providing comprehensive support in the following areas: 

Operational Support: Complete training; consultation with our in-house experts; and availability of marketing, inspection and administrative staff to support your sales efforts. You and BAI Inspection Services LLC are never more than a Toll-Free phone call apart.

Reference Material: In conjunction with our training, you will receive a library of Confidential Operations and Technical Inspection Manuals specially prepared for members of the BAI Inspection Services LLC System. Each step of the inspection process is carefully and chronologically set forth.
• What to do....
• What to look for...
• What do the findings mean...
• How to estimate the repair/replacement cost.

Staff Support: Another key advantage to being part of the BAI Inspection Services LLC System is the availability of sales and/or inspection personnel, available to work your territory or inspection projects. These personnel come from Corporate Headquarters most of the time but may also be enlisted from other BAI Inspection Services LLC System members. You may be a one or two man office but, if necessary, you could have four, six or eight qualified & BAI Inspection Services LLC trained inspectors on a very large job within days of your client signing the inspection contract.

Marketing Support: We have developed a sophisticated marketing system which has proven to be successful. Every part of the system is covered in depth in the BAI Inspection Services LLC. Confidential Operations Marketing Manual. Here you will find the tools along with explanations as to how they are to be effectively implemented.

Complete Office Back-Up System: We are able to do everything from answering your phone to recording sales orders to producing certified reports from your field notes.

General Management Support: Picture this. You're running your own company and your staff includes computer experts, management personnel, technicians, inspectors, engineers, accountants, sales motivators, equipment specialist, public relations experts, marketing and advertising pros and so on. But, despite the fact that all of these people are working for you, none of them are on your payroll. That's what the BAI Inspection Services LLC System is all about. Shared information. One central core providing unparalleled support to an entire network of independent BAI Inspection Services LLC offices.

Your Future....
Whatever your background or current discipline, with BAI Inspection Services LLC as your instructor and your commitment to professional excellence, you can transform your personal and financial dreams into reality. Call  253-927-5935 today and ask for details about becoming a member of the BAI Inspection Services LLC System. A representative will answer your questions and furnish you with a complete offering circular.