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BAI Inspection Services Inspectors Assessing Storm Damage

BAI Inspection Services Inspectors Assessing Storm Damage

Let us determine your loss and help you maximize the recovery on your claim

Why Hire a Public Adjuster?

When you hire a public insurance adjuster, you’re hiring someone to represent YOUR best interests. A BIS adjuster protects your interests by reviewing your policy, assessing damages and negotiating with the insurance companies on your behalf to make sure that you get the full amount that you’re entitled to receive. With our help, you can recover from your loss quickly, while having the peace of mind to know that your interests are protected. The insurance company has adjusters working hard on their side; shouldn’t you?

Why Choose BAI Inspection Services LLC as your Public Adjuster? 
Experience and Knowledge!

BAI Inspection Services LLC has extensive experience reviewing and negotiating terms of insurance claims. By being involved with virtually all types of insurance claims from different perspectives (as an engineering firm, inspection company, contracting company, expert witness, and public adjuster), BAI Inspection Services LLC has a thorough understanding and experience with almost any type of claim you might have.

BAI Inspection Services LLC adjusters are expert negotiators. Since 2001 BAI Inspection Services LLC has worked for and against insurance companies, and has provided expert witness testimony and cost analysis in litigation cases.

BAI Inspection Services LLC has hands-on and in-depth knowledge of construction practices and building codes. Over 35 years of construction experience has made BAI Inspection Services LLC a leader in the industry. Operating year round as an engineering, general contracting, and inspection firm makes a BAI Inspection Services LLC.  Adjuster a uniquely qualified Adjuster. With our expertise in construction, BAI Inspection Services LLC has identified not only the obvious losses, but also the hidden losses which, unless corrected, may not be evident for months or even years. 

We've performed inspections from Washington State to Oregon & California  
and are familiar with different State and Federal Building Codes in each state.

After a large natural disaster, such as a winter storms, insurance adjusters come from all over the state. The State of Washington even grants temporary “emergency licenses” to countless adjusters from all across the country. While these individuals may be licensed insurance adjusters, they are lacking one extremely important key qualification – They do not have experience in general contracting, engineering, or familiarity with local construction practices and building codes. The Washington State Building Code has some of the strictest building requirements in the country, especially in regards to areas that fall under the category of seismic zones. BAI Inspection Services LLC has performed inspections from Washington Idaho Orgon to California and is familiar with the many different State and Federal Building Codes which other adjusters might not be familiar with and how it might affect the cost of your claim; therefore, not allowing you sufficient funds to repair your damaged property.

With a BAI Inspection Services LLC Public Insurance Adjuster, you’ll have peace of mind that your claim is being handled by an Adjuster with extensive and specialized knowledge to represent YOUR best interests and negotiate on your behalf. Call a BAI Inspection Services LLC Public Adjuster today! 

Flood Damage
Floods are a threat to any low lying areas of the United States. However, they are more of a threat to southeastern coastlines of the United States due to storm surges from hurricanes. Hurricane Katrina caused a 25 foot storm surge in some areas. The problem with flood waters is that they destroy virtually everything they touch. If that isn't bad enough, when you add in salt water to the mix, you will have corrosion as secondary damages to any metal including electrical conduit, air conditioning systems, appliances, etc.

Mold Damage 
Hundreds of thousands of mold spores are in the air. All that’s required for the mold to grow and develop, is a food source and moisture. While there is controversy over the extent of risk from mold, there is a general consensus that certain types of mold are toxic and pose health risks. Melinda Ballard in Texas received a judgment for $32 million dollars from Farmers Insurance Company for a mold claim.

Hurricane Damage
Hurricanes are a major threat to any state along the eastern or gulf coastlines of the United States. When hurricanes hit, they usually cause billions of dollars in damage. Hurricane Andrew, which hit South Florida in 1992, caused $38.1 Billion Dollars in damages. Hurricane Katrina which hit the Southeast United States in 2005, caused $81.2 Billion Dollars in damages.

Tornado Damage
While hurricanes may cause more overall damage to a widespread area, tornadoes have the potential to be more devastating than hurricanes to a smaller area. A category 5 hurricane (the highest hurricane rating) has sustained wind speed of 156+ mph. A tornado with 156 mph winds is considered a "moderate tornado" and only rates an F2 (on a scale of F0-F6).

Property and Casualty

Types of Claims BAI Inspection Services LLC is qualified to handle for anyone:

* Business Interruption Hurricane Riot or Civil Commotion

* Collapse Lightning Sink Holes

* Explosion

* Mold 

* Fire

* Pipe Burst

* Vandalism/Theft

* Flood

* Plumbing Leaks   

Types of Claims BAI Inspection Services LLC is qualified to handle for your business: 

* Builder's Risk of Income      

* Extra Expense      

* Leasehold Interest      

* Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown